Lightpill Mill

Located this side of Stroud (now known as the Bath Road Trading Estate), Lightpill mill is very large and relatively intact. Please excuse the bad photograph. When I got to it the sun was directly behind it and very bright. Currently it is owned by a property company that let out parts of the building to various local companies.

Going back a few years, well quite a lot actually I remember it was used by 'BP', who had very distinctive green lorries that used to be parked here. In fact, my book that has details of such things and is a very informative read says that in the 1920's the mill sported a sign board that said 'Erinoid Ltd'. This was a trade name of the second oldest of the modern plastics materials first made in this mill in 1911.

Around the back of the building, I discovered a fine old cast iron spiral staircase, which I 'kind of got stuck' photographing. Also around the back is the entrance to the now closed 'sports and social club'. I doubt that there isn't anybody around here that hasn't ever been to this club!

Update - August 2013
The social club and building with the spiral staircase were demolished years ago.

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